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Business profile TM Travels

Our main objective is to offer an amazing client experience by being proactive rather than reactive, all, underpinned by our core values, key amongst them being communication and honesty.


What we do?

What we do is take the stress out of traveling by assisting our clients with their travel needs, be it for leisure ir corporate, domestic ir international. we ca do everything from flights and visas to accommodation and tours for all experiences, from singles to groups and everything in between.


By wanting to be the travel agent of choice and to get recurring business it´s important to us that we build a rapport with our clients. It will be important to us that we communicate regularly with our clients, which will be our unique selling point. we will be in contact with our clients before they arrive, whilst on their trip and also once they have arrived home safely. Ideally, we would like our clients to provide feedback on improvement areas, as well as, areas we did weññ om tp better our services to the next client. This in turn will enhance our knowledge core value.  

Our Aim

Our Aim is not to just charge a fee and be done with it but, to rather be client focused and not revenue focused, as we believe when you look after the customer the revenue will follow.


In terms of providing a unique customer experience, we´d like to offer clients a listing of recommended attractions that they can visit (with estimated prices, enabling them to budget too), as visitors may not be aware of what´s in their area. this would include nearby restaurants and other recreational activities".


Additionally, we would also like our clients to complete a quick questionnaire, allowing us to get insight and information about what they expect onn their trip, which enables us to manage expectations and better equip ourselves. The questionnaire would cover aspects such as whether they are locals or foreigners, whether they requiere visas, whether they are travelling with friends & family or colleagues, the size of the group (if applicable) and whether they require travel insurance.


The questionnaire would also provide the client with the opportunity to provide us with any additional information. The above questionnaire will also help us to assess which activities to recommend to make their trip a memorable and enjoyable one.

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Our core values

Communication: Our motto is good communication our travelers tell us what they want, what they need & we listen. Then we deliver.


Honesty: High importance in placed on integrity and honesty. We aim to be fair and open with our prices. We help advise our clients to make the right decision that suits them bets.


Knowledge: We have great travel knowledge and we want to share it with our clients from the moment you make yours firts enquiry to the time you arrive back home from your trip. we have all the information you need to make your travel experience an unforgettable one. Our travel advisors help you to plan and book the perfect trip and we will go the extra mile to ensure our clients have the bets experience.

Passion: We are passionate about travel and we are passionate about our clients travel needs. Our team prides itself on knowing all about what's new and exciting in the travel industry ensuring the bets experience. 

Service: We aim to offer a service experience like no other. Putting our clients firts and offering our expertice to give them the most memorable experienc. We have numerous relationship with our suppliers around the world and we can promise that our clients will have an at ease, stress free travel experience. 

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